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Does my face twirl the other way in the Southern Hemisphere?

Does my face twirl the other way in the Southern Hemisphere?

I am a sci-fi author who writings lace hard sci-fi with pop culture satire and social commentary. My first book, The Last Temptation of George W Bush, is about an archeologist, Abe Everseek, who wants to be remembered for the “find of the millennium” a 21st century, human library. Until the dig reveals an unspeakable truth . . . the religious text that has shaped his culture, The Last Temptation of George W. Bush is fiction. Temptation is a hash of pop culture icons in biblical stories. Oh, and Abe is a rodent living 100.000.000 years in the future.

Writing sci-fi well is a lot of work and (for me) requires many rewrites and re-edits to get the story and characters right. So, for my blog, I decided to do something easier, fake news articles under Aging Liberal Hack and a snarky sci-fi movie review every week or so.

Also on this site, you will find notes about my stories, along with pictures I had drawn about some of the characters. Enjoy!

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