Lindsey Cotler

LBJ as Selma, Queen of the Nile 12 comments12

In a triumphant return to the big screen, LBJ stars as the Queen of Selma in, Selma A Love Story. Johnson is a popular president torn between the nation he leads and the outlaw he loves. MLK is the tall dark stranger that LBJ just can’t quit, even as the clouds of Viet Nam gather. . . Click the title for more.

Obama Auction of Navy halted by Rush Limbaugh 4 comments4

Oxycontin connoisseur Rush Limbaugh stopped Mad Dog Barak today from auctioning off America’s birthright, our Military. The aircraft carrier USS Reagan, built by Reagan’s own hands, was about to be given to Russia on credit before Rush Limbaugh exposed Obama as the antichrist. . . Click the title for more.

Movie Review: The Hobbit, Battle of Five Armies – Least of the Best? 1 comment1

Those who go to the latest Hobbit movie may be disappointed. I was. For the first time during any of Peter Jackson’s Tolkien sagas, I was bored. Too many battle scenes (what did I expect from the title?) and too few new monsters. Unlike the Lord of the Rings, this trilogy goes out with a whimper. . . Click the title for more.

Castro Invades Florida 2 comments2

“I’ve uncovered Obama’s dastardly plan to help Castro annex Florida,” Rush Limbaugh told his audience today. “He has given ISIS an atom bomb for parting the sea between Cuba and America. The plan is for the commies and terrorists to cross and any American chariots that try to follow to be washed away. Obama will give away the entire south and run for a third term in just the northern states.”. . . Click the title for more.

Obama Shreds Constitution . . . and Republicans! 1 comment1

The GOP (Grotesque Older Patricians), led by inbred senator, and dancing with the stars judge Ted Cruse, insists the Obama administration’s immigration law changes are criminal.
“Our tyrant president continues to issue executive orders,” Tail Gunner Ted told anyone with a check book who was listening. “Doesn’t Obama know that only republican presidents have that prerogative? . . . Click the title for more.

Professor Able Goodtuber Everseek. From the story, The Last Temptation of George W. Bush 1 comment1

Chief research archaeologist and defender of the faith of the Mountain Cleft Holy Museum Of Natural History and Home Of The Sacred Texts. His discovery that the fossilized Humans were an intelligent species was met with shock and derision by the archeological world.