!!Breaking News – Dick Cheney switches sides!! 1 comment1

"Peter O'Tool isn't the only one who looks cool in a turban!"

“Peter O’Tool isn’t the only one who looks cool in a turban!”


Dick Cheney, frustrated that Barack Obama has not yet conquered the Holy Land, announced he was switching sides yesterday. “It’s my destiny to win,” the ex vice president told anyone with a microphone. “And so, I’m listening to my baboon heart, and going with a winner!”

When asked how he could betray America, Massa Kvetch replied, “America betrayed me by crashing the economy before I left office. Then those ingrates had the nerve to vote for a Democrat.”

Appearing before a Tampa ISIS rally estimated to be in the dozens, he declared, “My America is no more. 47% are welfare queens and the other 47% are welfare kings!” The cheering crowd replied, “Win one for the Griper!”

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