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High Fidel-ity is music to my ears.

High Fidel-ity is music to my ears.













“I’ve uncovered Obama’s dastardly plan to help Castro annex Florida,” Rush Limbaugh told his audience today. “He has given ISIS an atom bomb for parting the sea between Cuba and America. The plan is for the commies and terrorists to cross and any American chariots that try to follow to be washed away. Obama will give away the entire south and run for a third term in just the northern states.”

“Give me your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” Rush quoted the President as saying. “And I’ll give America to the wretched refuse from your teeming shores. I’ll provide free health care and food stamps for your undeserving leaches, if they vote for me.”

“Who knew the antichrist would be black and not a Jew?” Rudolf Giuliani wondered. “First he used Obamacare to infect America with communism, and now he helps the Islamists open the doors for the brown hordes? If only we had a strong leader like Putin.”


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