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Can't I get a defferment?

Can’t I get a deferment?













“It was me in the garden of Eden,” Dick Cheney confessed today under torture. “I tricked Eve into biting the apple. I am the source of all evil.”

“I don’t like God anymore,” the Dark One further admitted. “I used to be his favorite, but ever since God granted me those five Viet Nam war deferments, He’s looked at me as if I were some sort of coward. Me, Richard the Lion, I mean Baboon Hearted. Obama’s the heartless one, to outlaw torture. What will he say to the mothers of the victims of the next terrorist attack? That his decision led to thousands of dead Americans?”

Mr. Cheney paused and took a deep breath, the metal balls he rolled around in his hand became still. “Never has so much, been done to so many, by so few,” he mumbled. “But I have no regrets.”

“Why can’t liberals just let it go?” Ann Coulter scolded anyone who could hear her. “So what if all misery, discord, and evil comes from Dick? Eden was a long time ago – before time, actually. It’s blasphemy!”


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