Chris Christie is in – Confederate Beauty Pageant Shocker

Bridge over the river Hudson

Bridge over the river Hudson

Donald Trump announced today that Chris Christie will be in his 2016 Miss Confederacy beauty pageant, “I’m pleased the Governor decided to throw his porcine weight behind my pageant after NBC pulled out. From now on, Christie is an honoree Confederate Governor, even if his state is a cesspool.”

“NJ is filled with drug dealers,” the Donald fumed. “Criminals and rapists with cantaloupe calves, and beady little eyes. Some rapists, I assume, are good people, but we have to keep them above the Mason Dixon line so they don’t bring their trouble making liberal emancipation ideas with them. Our blacks have enough to worry about, believe me.”

Christie, the Jersey face that launched a thousand ships agreed, “With all the high taxes and over regulation in the world, why should The Blacks worry about something as sissified as equal rights. In Old Dixie, our blacks had an unemployment rate of zero!”

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