Clinton’s Secret Email Revelation: Dragon Lady is really a Dude 1 comment1

"Don't call me chief!" - El Duce

“Don’t call me chief!” – El Duce

Hillary Haters of America

No one hates Hillary more than we do

We finally got the goods on Hillary, and this time she won’t get away. The Butcher of Benghazi thought she was so cleaver when she used in all her correspondence. Who could have suspected it was not an official government email domain? But thanks to conservative darling James O’Keefe (pronounced O’Keefe) we now know she is really Benito Mussolini, El Duce of the Italian Empire, and her emails prove it.

In an incredible feat of undercover reporting, James delved deep into areas of the Sunday Times no conservative has ever gone before, and returned a conservative. There he discovered rumors of unspeakable atrocities, reported and therefore rendered speakable. For the intrepid O’Keefe, rumors of pictures of Adolf Hitler with Hillary Clinton photo shopped next to him was all the proof he required to publish it in Breitbart as fact.

“Hillary dressing up as a man, men dressing up as women,” ex-senator and Luddite Rick “man on dog” Santorum moaned. “This country is on a slippery slope, and at its base is a dark hole. Hillary Clinton has lubricated that orifice and plans to dilate it. God help us if she ever tries to penetrate it.”

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