Edge of Tomorrow, Groundhog Day, All Over Again!


  If you Google Groundhog Day, you’ll see: Edge of Tomorrow, Action Packed Groundhog Day! It’s the same time travel-ly concept of repeating the same day again and again, ad nauseam.
  Major Cage (Tom Cruise) is a cowardly ex-add man forced to join in a D-Day style invasion against an aliens that have been halted by the English Channel. The Aliens crossed Interstellar Space only to be stopped by 26 miles of North Sea water? Cage dies in a Saving Privet Ryan scene where everyone is getting randomly and violently slaughtered. But, he killed a rare alien “Alpha,” and was doused in its blood, and anyone with the alpha’s blood automatically resets time when they die.
  So Cage wakes up back on the base, and it’s the previous morning. He must relive every day until the humans win. But he is told by Rita (Emily Blunt) that if he losses too much blood and gets a transfusion, he stops repeating. This, of course, happens right after he discovers where the “Omega” controller alien is hiding.
  So, what goes back in time? His “essence” and his blood, I guess. After all, that’s the only thing any alien who’s trying to conquer the earth would need.
  Which brings us our controversy of the week. The aliens remind me of Starship Troopers, with an Omega instead of a Brain Bug. They are fast and relentless, but killable and don’t seem to bother with hand held ranged weapons. Just what you’d expect from space and time traveling aliens! What is you favorite unstoppable creatures that need to be in melee range to hurt you?