Godzilla, Always stupid, always fun

The new Godzilla movie is a tribute to the original Japanese B-movies. Wasn’t much of a plot, but that’s in the best tradition of the old ones.
It all starts when a fossil awakens and rolls to the nearest nuclear power plant in Japan. Here Joe Brody (Bryan Cranston) loses his wife to the earth quake the monster causes. 15 years later, his son ford (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) joins him in investigating the old site where the military is keeping the monster, now in a cocoon. The bug awakens, kills the dad (good choice) and heads off to find its mate at the radioactive waste site at Yucca mt. Godzilla hears their matting calls and comes to save mankind. Great monster on monster fun! Or in the words of Dr. Ichiro Serizawa (Ken Watanabe) ‘It’s the arrogance of man to think he controls nature. Godzilla has come to restore balance. Let them fight it out!” What could go wrong?
The sci-fi aspects were also ridiculous, from the impossible physics of creatures that big flying, to the fact that they eat radiation. The monsters are from when the earth was ten times as radioactive as today (never was). As the radioactivity wore off, they dove into the deep ocean to be closer to the earth’s core (wouldn’t help). There they were awakened by the passing of atomic subs (don’t leak radiation). You can’t make this stuff up, but they did. They even had the sad music when Godzilla is losing!
That brings us to our controversy of the week. When the monsters are headed to Frisco, Ford tells his wife, “Don’t evacuate. Stay there, I’ll come get you.” So what is your favorite, stupid scene of the old Godzilla movies?