Hillary Eludes Justice . . .Again! 1 comment1

Allahu Akbar!!

Allahu Akbar!!













Serial murderer Hillary Clinton has been on the lamb since she shot Vince Foster in 1993. Now, the dragon lady is about to cheat justice again based on a whitewash of the House Select Committee on Benghazi. This shadowy group, run by the ERSSC (Establishment Republicans Squishes for Surrendering our Country,) has found that no crimes occurred the night Hillary sentenced four Americans in Benghazi to death by fire.

“She was behind the killings,” Rush Limbaugh commented. “Fox News has kept us up to date on the nefarious history, the atrocities of both of the Clintons.”

“Oh Jeez,” Sarah Palin added. “How does she keep getting away with it? Everyone I talk to knows she’s guilty. Even I know, and I don’t read any newspapers!”


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