Into The Storm – Teenaged Angst in a teapot

    All disaster movies face the question: How to make people care about your disposable characters when the audience came to see them killed? The cheep answer is an angst, childhood (they don’t love me), teenage (I don’t get enough attention), young adult (I need a squeeze), middle-aged (why do the kids complain so much about attention?) or senior (getting old sucks!) The producers of Into The Storm took a look at their demographics and viola, teenage angst!
    Into The Storm starts with two teenage boys whose widowed father woks too hard to provide enough attention. They spend all movie carrying around a camera documenting everything for a time capsule – even though the movie is not shot in POV style. It also follows a storm chaser a mom who calls her kid every 2 hours to say, “I’ll be home as soon as I can.” Yawn. All we care about is the storm, an Oklahoman tornado of cinematic proportions, with lots of scenes of houses being torn up and people getting sucked into vortexes, even a fire funnel! But no Dorothy or Aunty Em. Guess we aren’t in Kansas, after all.
    Which brings us to our question of the week: If Dorothy’s house had landed in the Shire instead of Munchkin Country, and squashed Gandalf instead of the wicked witch of the east, would Galadriel have been as nice to her as Glenda, the good witch of the North?