ISIS Leader Wins Dancing with the Stars

Jinn Joint Jig

Jinn Joint Jig

Al-Baghdadi’s Jig a hit with Millennials

In a stunning blow to US exceptionalism, the spiritual leader of ISIS, Abu al-Baghdadi, won Dancing with the Stars’ coveted mirror ball trophy with his patented Irish Hop Jig. “It’s simply amazing,” one millennial told this reporter, “that Abu can move his legs with such fury, yet keep his upper body perfectly still.”

“Breathtaking!” judge Donnie Osmond added. “Never has any world leader done so much to so many, for so long since Adolf Hitler pumped his hips and wowed the Paris crowd with his Aryan Two-step.”

“My heart is filled with Arab pride,” the ghost of Bin Laden commented with a twinkle in his eye. “That so many young people would embrace Abu’s message of peace, love and death to America.”


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