Lucy, Deep dreck? When watching movie like Godzilla, you don’t ask, “Why are ta…

Lucy, Deep dreck?
When watching movie like Godzilla, you don’t ask, “Why are tank rounds bouncing off a reptile?” or, “How can an insect be a big as Mothra and fly?” But, a movie that tries to blow your mind with its thought provoking story shouldn’t peddle the tired old myth that humans only use 10% of their brain. Or that unlocking the rest would give us supernatural powers.
Lucy starts with Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) being tricked by her boyfriend into delivering a mysterious briefcase to “Mr.” Jang (Min-sik Choi), a drug dealing gangster. Tip: Girls, if your boyfriend wears a straw hat, don’t let him handcuff you to his luggage. Jang cuts Lucy’s belly and puts in a package from the briefcase to smuggle it out of the country. Unfortunately (?) for Lucy, the bag breaks open and the drug sends her into a seizure-like state where she defies gravity and twitchs on the ceiling. All the while, Professor Norman (Morgan Freeman) is giving a lecture somewhere explaining whats happening.
He tells us that when we get access to more of our brain, “Interesting thing begin to happen.” I’d say! At 20% you begin to control your body. At 30% you can control others, and at 40% you can control objects. telepathy and telekinesis, child’s play for any brainiac.
The acting in Lucy is excellent and the effects very cool. Plus, Lucy doesn’t use her power for a revenge binge or to conquer the world, ala Jonny Deep in Transcendence. Why would someone smart enough to see through petty emotions, become consumed by power lust?
Which brings us to our question of the week: What would you do if you could control all time and space?