Maleficent, Frolicking Fairies beat Greedy Humans, Again


Maleficent was an enjoyable movie, though thoroughly Disney. A world were happily ever after means life as experienced by the aristocracy in a class-based medieval society where all the peasants live gratefully under their rightful king.
  It starts with a young fairy girl Maleficent falling for a human boy Stephan, As a man, Stephan (Sharlto Copley),steals Maleficent’s (Angelina Jolie) wings to become king. Maleficent is so bent out of shape that she turns evil and later curses Stephan’s baby girl to fall asleep on her 16th birthday. Why the boy who loved Maleficent betrays her, is only explained by “greed,” and why Maleficent decides on such a strange curse is never explained at all. Seems Disney is too consumed by the creation of frolicking creatures and impressive magical effects to care.
  After cursing the baby, Maleficent still looks out for the child she supposedly hates. The girl grows up as her ward until Maleficent faces the crisis of her 16th birthday in tearful remorse. Maleficent, an omnipotent fairy goddess, then discovers it suits Disney for her to be helpless in the final confrontation with Stephan’s army.
  That’s weak, and brings us our controversy of the week. In the end, a single king rules all the realms happily ever after. We can be sure he justly assesses taxes on the grateful peasants to support his deservedly noble lifestyle. I call this the “Robin Hood’s dedication to King Richard” Syndrome.
  What is your favorite, ridiculous, example of medieval class based nirvana?