Movie Review: Ouija – Let this sleeping dog lie

"Hey Kids! Wanna chat?"

“Hey Kids! Wanna chat?”













When will first-world teenagers, whose worst exposure to death is Casper the friendly Ghost, learn that it’s not a good idea to summon the deceased? Especially, with a possessed Ouija board? In a creepy house? Once owned by an insane occultist mother? Who killed a demonically possessed child? In the 1950’s. The connections are terrible and you always get a wrong number.

That doesn’t stop Laine Morris (Olivia Cooke), however, from going using the possessed board, in the creepy house to contact her dead sibling. A sister who hung herself from the creepy house’s staircase with Christmas lights in the first scene. We’re left with that age-old horror movie query: What could possibly go wrong?

Laine gathers her friends and the demonic Ouija board for a séance to say goodbye to her sister’s ghost. She instead disturbs a murdered girl with her lips sewn shut and . . . her mother. When Laine’s friends start showing up dead, with their own mouths sown shut, she has to find the girl’s sister to unravel the mystery. Of course, the sister is now an old woman rotting in a mental institution/nursing home, but is sharp enough to tell our heroine, “Find my sister’s mummified corpse, and cut the threads shutting her mouth. She’ll stop momma.”

Of course, Lane doesn’t ask how the sister knows this supernatural ju-jitsu will work, she just knows it’s a horror movie and you need to fix the dead’s funk. If only that worked with the movie itself.


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