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Roasting pigs ain't kosher

Roasting pigs ain’t kosher













Supporters of the Israeli prime minister joined with his opponents yesterday to perform a ritual of penance in an auto-da-fe of their despised leader. The celebrations throughout the Jewish state were immediate and spontaneous.

“We just got sick of saying Bibi Netanyahu,” a cabinet member stated on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to reveal the truth. “If we could call him Benny Netanyahu, it would be different. But “Bibi?” How can anyone expect Ayatollah Khamenei to take “Bibi” seriously?”

“Burn, baby burn,” Sarah Palin laughed until she was informed that Bibi was a right wing douche bag who campaigned against a sitting American president. Dropping her marshmallow stick, she cried, “This is outrageous. To desecrate this fine Christian fellow, it’s blasphemous!”

“Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy,” A White House press release stated. “Now he belongs to the ages. They can have him.”

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