New Dinosaur Discovered in Senator McConnell’s Backyard. Resemblance is uncanny!

Giddy up, noble steed! We're late to the Reagan dinner.

Giddy up, noble steed! We’re late to the Reagan dinner.

!!Breaking News!!
Scientists discovered a massive sauropod dinosaur in Senator Mitch McConnell’s backyard yesterday, reportedly heaver than a t-rex, a 737 and Oprah Winfrey combined. When asked about the uncanny resemblance, the senator replied, “Those egg heads are at it again. Global warming, evolution, now this!” Wagging his finger he added, “I did not have sexual relations with that GOP elephant.”
Sara Palin, having hopped on Mr. McConnell’s back for a ride added, “That’s the lame stream media for you. Always jumping to conclusions. If my pal God had wanted to have republicans flirting with prehistoric reptiles, He’d given them super pacs.
Aging Liberal Hack will keep you up to date as this slow plodding story evolves.

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