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Oxycontin connoisseur Rush Limbaugh stopped Mad Dog Barak today from auctioning off America’s birthright, our Military. The aircraft carrier USS Reagan, built by Reagan’s own hands, was about to be given to Russia on credit before Rush Limbaugh exposed Obama as the antichrist.

“You have seduced America too long with your infernal lies, cunning serpent,” Rush cried as Obama gathered around him the legions of aggrieved minorities, gay rights activists, and unwed mothers of Babylon – his Coalition of the Indolent. But the shear power of Rush’s effervescence was too much as El Rushbo doused the false POTUS with holy water. “I evoke the Holy and terrible Name of Reagan to cast you back into the pit. The power of Cheney compels you!”

“I’m melting,” his phoniness replied. “But I’ll be back. And next time I’m bringing Billary with me.”


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