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Extra stuffing for this turkey!

Extra stuffing for this turkey!













President Obama kicked off “Reparations Week” today by betraying Kenya. His administration will be selling Manhattan back to the Native Americans for $24 (plus interest) as part of his scheme to punish America for being uppity. France will get back the Louisiana Purchase; Mexico gets Texas and Spain gets Florida. Kenya was told they would have to settle for NJ.

“I got off my fax this morning,” Rush Limbaugh told his audience. “It’s a quote from Obama, ‘I hate whitey and love giving away all your hard earned stuff to Negro slackers. It’s reparations for slavery, for what your great grand daddy did that all us Marxists still hold you accountable for.’ ”

“Obama says the injuns get the big apple,” Pat Robertson added. “In fact, I heard that he plans on giving amnesty to any red skin who lived there before 1776. They will even get a work permit! How dare he give away what doesn’t belong to him.”

“Who are these savages?” Louie ‘cantaloupe calves’ Gohmert asked. “That they think they can hop off their reservations and take American jobs? Whose country do they think this is?”



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