Obama not of this World

Trump Sours

Trump Sours

Trump finds Kryptenyan Birth Certificate

Donald Trump, the last living Brill Cream model, announced today the fruits of his extensive research of the President’s birth. “Obama originated on his father Jor-El’s home planet of Kryptenya. His name only appeared in Hawaiian papers as preparation for the alien invasion.”

“My proof is simple linguistics,” the Great Shill told this reporter. “Alien rhymes with Muslim, except it begins with an A, like ‘Allah.’ If you think that’s a coincidence, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you. No, really, I’m using my campaign to promote property throughout NY. I even have a new name for Manhattan, Trump Town. Is that classy, or what?”

“But this isn’t just about self-promotion, I want to stop sharia law from prohibiting white South Carolinians from exercising their second amendment rights in black churches. Only when alien politicians like Obama accept the privilege of real America will everyone be free to worship the Christian God of their choice.”

“Do the blacks believe Big Government should interfere with their liberty? Their right to have the confederate flag represent the glorious history of South Carolina? That’s not freedom, it’s worse than slavery. Just ask Ben Carson, he’s a black. And Ben’s running for president to promote a TV show, just like me.”


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