Obama Proclaims American Caliphate – FEMA Camps To House All Infidels

Will there be Likud or just Labor camps?

Will there be Likud or just Labor camps?

Muslim & Fit Magazine

Sharia Summer Edition

Obama’s treaty with Iran couldn’t be better! Not only has our 12th Imam agreed to teach Sharia law in America’s Sunday schools, but before baseball games, the Star Spangled Banner will be replaced with chants of “Death to America!”

Hordes of our heroic ACORN cavalry, led by Obama’s elite Black Panther Ninjas stormed across the Mason-Dixon line yesterday to crush the remaining resistance to the new American Caliphate. RINO republicans had already approved the deficit spending for the FEMA infidel labor camps.

“Yo bitches, check it out,” Obama’s official proclamation stated. “Like we got the power, but we cool with Christian Whitey, know what I’m sayin’? FEMA got IKEA bunk beds for all you former rich crackers, and jobs cracking rocks to pay for them. Fo shizzle, ex-job creators, work makes free.”

Rush Limbaugh was not impressed by Obama’s generosity, “Why punish our job creating aristocracy? Is it their fault their job is to decide which third world country to create jobs in? Isn’t great wealth a ruling class birthright our founding fathers fought to preserve? Privilege is God’s reward for squeezing your head through the right birth canal. People need to take responsibility for their decisions. Is it our fault the poor, brown masses make bad choices?”

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