Obama Shreds Constitution . . . and Republicans! 1 comment1

Don't clog the shredder on your way through!

Don’t clog the shredder on your way through!













The GOP (Grotesque Older Patricians), led by inbred senator, and dancing with the stars judge Ted Cruse, insists the Obama administration’s immigration law changes are criminal.

“Our tyrant president continues to issue executive orders,” Tail Gunner Ted told anyone with a check book who was listening. “Doesn’t Obama know that only republican presidents have that prerogative? And why the restrictions on Pachyderms? Just because elephants are fat, stupid beasts with foul odors, doesn’t mean Americans shouldn’t just give us the country and be done with it. Doesn’t Obama know that not giving us everything just poisons the well?”

“America has spoken,” Lush Limbaugh proclaimed. “And in English, not Swahili. 52% of the 36% of people who can vote unanimously picked republicans. Why doesn’t a president who only got 53% out of 59% of the voters in 2012 understand this? Doesn’t Obama know that elections have consequences?”

“The people have chosen,” Majority Leader and Mutual of Omaha’s Zoologist Marlin Perkins told his supporters. “Why bother to ask them to choose again and again? Doesn’t Obama know 2014 overrides all other elections before it?”


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