Obama surrenders to the Ayatollah – The Magnificent 47 ride to our rescue 3 comments3

Nuclear Alms?

Nuclear Alms?

News from the Old West

A small farming village on the Mexican border (actually a rip-off of a Japanese village) was the scene of a remarkable scene yesterday. In that scene, John McCain once again led 47 senators to save America from Barack Hussein “All praise be to Allah” Obama. This time the black mamba tried to give Iran nuclear weapons in exchange for an Iranian friendship ring.

“A friendship ring and not a nuptial promise?” Senator McCain had to straighten out the crooked POTUS. “America will not let our honor be sold for Value Bazaar jewelry that turns your fingers green. The Iranians are as infamous for being cheap, as Obama is for being cowardly. This president insists on negotiating to avoid wars America can’t win. There’s only one word for that: Neville Chamberlain.”

“So, I sent a Pony Express Email to the Ayatollah?” McCain continued to justify his petulance. “When did he ever listen to me? Besides, the best way to avoid a war is to start one. Only those brave enough to fight and die needlessly can hope to avoid such an outcome. But they must demonstrate they are willing to fight and die needlessly for that to work. The only way to do that is to fight and die needlessly. As they say in Iran, the proof is in the baklava.”

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