Saddam/Bush, Steel Cage, No Holds Bared, Grudge Match

Saint George and the Dragon?

Saint George and the Dragon?













In a spectacular come back of biblical proportions, Mad Dog Saddam Hussein, the recently deceased Middle East strongman, will square off with the scion of house Bush, Destroyer Dubya.

“Mad dog will try his Camel Clutch of Mass Destruction,” Destroyer’s coach, Mitch “Mouth of the South” McConnell, told fans. “But we’ll smoke him out of his cave . . . unless it’s in Tora Bora.”

Saddam’s coach, “Million Dollar Oil Man” David Koch replied, “That phony conservative will need a bail out before we’re done with him. With a Muslim in the white house, nothing can stop us.”

“Mohammed, pfft!” sidekick brother Jeb shouted back. “Don’t miss-underestimate ‘ol Dubya. The power of Christ compels him. And he was always papa’s favorite.” The lad hung his head and whimpered, “Even though I was the one who followed the rules.”

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