Movie Review: The Remaining, Christian Leftovers

Just as my buddy Bill Maher said!

Just as my buddy Bill Maher said!

Before going to The Remaining, I looked it up on Goodreads. What I found was the book by D.J. Molles about surviving a zombie apocalypse. Not quite. The Remaining movie is a Christian apocalypse “I told you so” movie. Heavy with the “we were wrong!” and “I choose God!”

It starts out at the wedding of Dan (Bryan Dechart) and Skylar (Alexa PenaVega) where half the partiers suddenly drop dead. Then all hell breaks loose, with random explosions, planes dropping from the sky, and bolder-sized hail mixed with fire. Taking refuge in a library, Skylar suddenly disappears to find a bible. She knows what this is and she just has to prove it with random fire and brimstone quotes. I wanted zombies!

So, how to survive a Christian apocalypse? Wrong question, you want to die after getting right with God. And not a Catholic, pious plus good deeds, God, or a Mormon, you must sacrifice for redemption, God. No, this is an American conservative middle-class non-denominational God who just requires belief. No forgiveness, just believe and you’re saved. “We have to make a choice,” and “we must have faith,” the two-dimensional characters keep telling us. Never mind that with empirical evidence, demons flying around stinging people and such, it’s hardly faith. Just believe and you can die happy. Q.E.D. But I wanted zombies!

Which brings us to the question of the week. Have you ever gone to the movies expecting one thing and was shocked to find yourself in a different universe? Tell us your story, and make it funny!


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