Trumps Invade Mexico

Mexicali Fools

Mexicali Fools

A squadron of Donald Trump clones charged up Guadeloupe Hill yesterday to claim Mexico for the Confederacy and free us from Poncho Clinton and her band of murders, rapists, and some good people (we assume).

“Lord Limbaugh,” Trump offered the talk show host Hillary’s severed head, still yammering about “income inequality.” “I beg forgiveness for once being a democrat, and with this head, bind myself to you. I will never again let details or logic dim my messianic fervor to rid our great nation of brown people, who I love by the way. And they love me too. You can tell from the smiles of those who work for me at slave wages. In fact, I’ll win the brown vote.”

“Noble warrior,” Rushbo replied. “On behalf of America, I accept you as our anchor and our strength. My rod and staff shall comfort and deliver you from Barack the Black, and his scourge, Hillary. From now until eternity ends, my followers will walk with you. You shall get richer as they get poorer. For their sickness is your health and their delusions your strength. Until the election do we part – unless you win. May you succeed in destroying the unions, so we can secede from the Union.”


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