Twas the Mid-night Ride Of Jeb Revered

One if by ham, two if with bree...

One if by ham, two if with bree…

Listen up neocons, and you will hear,

Of the midnight ride that republicans cheer.

To warn of the left, and their dastardly plan,

For America’s soul to go to Iran.


Our PONTUS was had, like a gullible chump,

This wouldn’t have happened to the Donald of Trump.

Or Huckabee Hound, or Queen Walker of Scotts,

Or Merry Rick Perry, all oops’d up in knots.


Jeb arrived on a sled, with presents for all,

For Ben Carson, Ted Cruz and even Ron Paul.

A patrician cowboy, without silver spoon,

The stars in his eyes, a crack in his moon.


But the deal with Iran, as I stated before,

Was made by Obama, our Babylon whore.

To give up America’s exceptionalism,

And see everything through the liberal prism.


Where those people don’t work, you know who I mean,

They get fat on welfare, by robbing us clean.

And Illegals so lazy, they just want our jobs,

With cantaloupe calves, they gather in mobs.


To descend on our homes and make us speak Spanish,

And force our American culture to vanish.

But Jeb has arrived to save our soul,

And dig us out of the liberal hole.


And finally free the noble job creators,

From the progressive tax, of the liberal haters.

They think if you’re rich, you should pay a bit more,

To lessen the burden on the working poor.


But who has the right, to lessen great wealth,

To provide some bum, with care for his health.

A burning Jeb Bush will show us the light,

And lead us all, to the righteous hard right!


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